Each week we will have a spelling list that is given in the form of a pre-test on Monday.  There will be homework throughout the week and then a test on Friday.  Click on 'download file' or right click on the page below and click 'Open link' to see the list of spelling activities I will be using. Most of the words come from the weekly reading selection, there will also be math vocabulary words each week.  


Spelling List 4th grade

5th GradeSpelling List

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After the first semester, we will no longer give a reading grade for AR.  It is our belief that children need to read for pleasure!  They should read books they enjoy- even if they are on a different level, if they are rereading it, or if it is not an AR book.  Please encourage your child to read at least 20 minutes daily.  Read with them and to them as well.  It is such a valuable memory!


I believe that children need a variety of materials to become lifelong, fluent readers.  Also, I think they need many books to choose from in order to grab their interest and choose to read.  We will have silent reading time each day and also time to share with others about the books we are reading.  Please consider sending in any books your family is finished with and that you are willing to donate to our classroom library.


Open a book
And you will find
People and places of every kind
Open a book
And you can be
Anything you want to be
Open a book
And you can share
Wondrous worlds you find in there
Open a book
And I will too
You read to me
And I'll read to you

By Jane Baskwill


This week we are working on our persuasive letters with Ms. Rosenberg.  Monday we will type our letters in the computer lab.


For cursive handwriting practice, click on the following link: www.handwritingforkids.com/handwrite/cursive.htm